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Covid-19 Tracing

Regardless of whether you have a cafe,

retail premises, conference,  hotel or other premises, SiteKee can simply and easily

keep track of all your visitors, staff and residents

Make your life easy. SiteKee can work across multiple locations regardless of ownership

If a positive case has been identified, records allow for automatic notification to those potentially at risk

If a Covid 19 Positive contact is confirmed, Sitekee can send a notification message to everyone else who was on site at the same time.


Tapping  your phone against the Sitekee card as you enter registers your presence at the location.


Leaving the site, tap off phone 

against the SiteKee card.  This records  you as no longer present.

Sitekee allows notification across all SiteKee sites and will notify you only when you have been in contact with a positive Covid-19Case




How does SiteKee Covid-19 tracing work ? 

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