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  • How do I get SiteKee?
    Download SiteKee from the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore
  • Is SiteKee free?
    Yes, SiteKee is free to use for site visitors. Siteowners have 30 days free trial. Refer to Pricingto find package to suit you
  • How do I get started?
    Follow the steps in Getting Started
  • Why are SiteKee Cards better that QRCodes?
    A Sitekee card proves that a person was at the same location of the card when they tapped into the site. A QRCode is more insecure, in that anyone can take a photo of the QRCode and then use this image to Tap into a site, even if they are not at the site. By using only Sitekee Cards on your site, you know that in order for a person to be tapping into your site, they are in the the proximity of the site.
  • Where can a SiteKee Card be placed?
    SiteKee cards are weather proof and are perfect for areas not frequently visited. There is no power requirements and no maintance required and the cards last for more than 10 years. You can put the SiteKee cards anywhere on your site to enable you to know when workers visit a particular section of the site. Sitekee cards should not be mounted on a metal surface. Mounting them on Plastic or wooden surfaces is preferred. For highly exposed areas mounting them behind perspex or glass will still work.
  • Are users tracked once SiteKee is downloaded to their device?
    Users are only tracked while tapped on to the chosen site
  • What happens if a person leaves the site without tapping off?
    A geo fence can be set to record person leaving site, this can be set by the site owner. Also there is an auto log off where a time is set at which the user is logged off.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of users and check ins per site?
    There is no limit to users and check ins to the site.
  • What happens to my personal details once uploaded to SiteKee?
    All personal details are securely stored, and can only be accessed by an authorised person.
  • Is my personal information sold?
    SiteKee does not on sell personal details at anytime . These are securely kept.
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